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Berkshire County Ladder Rules

  1. All players who play on the County ladders must be eligible to play for Berkshire in the England Squash Inter-county Championships.
  2. Players may challenge up to 3 players above them i.e. A player at 8 can challenge a player at 5.
  3. To enter the ladder a player may challenge any position.
  4. Rules regarding challenges:
    1. The players have to agree where the match is played. If they cannot agree the challenged player has the home venue, except in the case of rule 6 below.
    2. Challenged players must not have more than 2 challenges waiting at one time
    3. All challenges must be played with in 3 weeks of the challenge being made, unless it is the 2nd challenge. In the case of a 2nd challenge the 3-week rule will start from when the 1st challenge has been played.



For players' telephone numbers, contact:

All results should be forwarded by the winner to the Ladder Organiser, (About Us, Committee page, Ladder Organiser)