Andras Pal

Andras Pal

Andras Pal

Junior Programme Manager

Why did you join the RBSRA Committee?

The Committee supported me to obtain my Level 3 coaching qualification and I wanted to give back. It occurred to me that as no one was delivering a Junior Development Programme it was a great opportunity for me to help out.


Where and when did you start playing squash?
Back in Hungary, in 2005, I tried out a sport called 'Racket Ball', which is different to the Squash 57 or the Racket Ball that is played in England. It is played on a court that is 1/3rd of the size of a squash court, but with very similar rules. I still remember how enjoyable, hardworking and fun this racket sport was – and how I could hardly walk the next 2 days, despite being fairly fit! In 2008 I came to the UK, and I was planning to continue playing this great game, but I could not find any clubs in England. So, I found squash instead and started playing at Caversham Health & Fitness. The courts were so much bigger, and it was even more exhausting compared to its 'little Hungarian brother', but I soon became hooked.


Who was your biggest influencer in the game?
Makra Roland introduced me to the game in Hungary and taught me the rules and basic technique. After that, I wanted to play every day!


What was your most important squash development?
Giving a presentation on our mini squash school programme at a West Berkshire School Conference in 2019, in front of an audience of School Development Officers. This led to running the programme in 12 different schools and, within a 4 month period, squash was introduced to approximately 900 children. These sessions were a lot of fun and, as a result, Berkshire has gained many new squash players and many children learnt about our amazing sport. 


What was your most significant squash event?
I attended a charity event at Finchley Manor, where Mohammed El Shorbagy and Ramy Ashour were playing each other. We had the opportunity to train with these icons before the match. It was an amazing and a never-to-be-forgotten experience playing against such squash superstars.


What are your proudest squash moments?
After not having the Berkshire Junior Squash Closed Tournament for so many years, I managed to run the tournament just before the Covid pandemic disrupted the world. The atmosphere was amazing, children buzzing everywhere and ended with a very touching results ceremony. It felt like the beginning of great things! Sadly, Covid had a detrimental impact on our programme, but I am keen to help re-build the junior programme again now.


What other squash successes have you had?
As a player, I won a few amateur squash tournaments in Hungary. However, as I only started playing in my late twenties I have not competed in a lot of events.

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