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Squash players know how special our sport is - many call it unique. It can be immensely physical, mentally demanding, yet great fun. In addition, it can improve your health, fitness and mental well-being, whilst there is also evidence that it builds confidence and resilience in children and young adults.


However, just as important, squash is a community-based sport and squash players often enjoy socialising in the bar after a fun game or even a hard fought battle. Whilst many healthy rivalries are formed, so are long-term friendships.


Whilst we support all of these aspects, we are looking to build our Community and enable new players to realise how engaging squash can be. On this basis, we will be using many tools to engage with our members, new and old. To visit our Berkshire Squash Community please click here (please note that you need to have registered with SquashLevels to view this). You can also visit our Facebook page by clicking on the icon below.


As part of England Squash, we are also part of a larger community and its great to see our National Governing Body recognising the importance of uniting the squash community as one of their core values. To understand their latest strategy please click here.