Our Coachs' Locations

We are in the process of collating data on all our coaches, so we can clarify their locations and areas of specialism that may help you determine who to engage with.




Main Club

Secondary Club(s)


Mark Quinton 4 Please enquire Eton College - Juniors
Rob Beaumont 3 Please enquire TBC TBC TBC
Matthew Davies 3 Yes - please enquire Farnham Common Sports Club, Bucks Eton College & Caldicott School Juniors
Nick Derbyshire 3 Yes - please enquire TBC TBC Teenagers & adults
Gary Hales 3 Yes @ Aldermaston Aldermaston Squash Club Hook Squash All areas
Steve Meads 3 Please enquire Wellington College TBC TBC
Andras Pal 3 Please enquire Caversham Park Village Reading University TBC
Simon Street 3 Advisory Only N/A N/A Guidance on coach appointment
Michael Gumley 2 Burghfield Juniors only Burghfield Squash Club - Juniors only
Gareth May 2 Yes - please enquire Burghfield Squash Club - Juniors only
Craig Banyard 1 Berkshire wide Mobile Coach   Beginner groups
Andrew Essex 1 Please enquire TBC TBC Beginner groups
Teginder Kaleka 1 Yes - please enquire Braywick Leisure, Maidenhead - Beginner groups
Simon Lee 1 Burghfield Juniors only Burghfield Squash Club None Junior beginner groups
Dave Weston 1 TBC TBC TBC Beginner groups