Desiree Schalkwyk asked Adrian Christy why ES would not accept other bodies CRB certificates.

This question was raised at the AGM.


Your point is one that is made frequently and one which I have much sympathy with.

There are many coaches and volunteers working in squash who have a CRB Disclosure that has been issued by another sport, voluntary organisation or by their employer and England Squash has given very careful consideration to the 'portability' of these as well as seeking advice from key organisations with regard the potential risks the sharing of information poses.

While appreciating that some coaches/volunteers may experience additional cost (The £35 you make reference to is only payable if they earn a living from the sport. If they are a volunteer, our fee is £7.50) and inconvenience in applying for further disclosures, England Squash will not accept any checks that have been carried out other than those by our own ES CRB Unit.

The reason being that if the ES CRB Unit has not completed the checking process itself, we cannot be certain of the outcomes of the checks or any decision made about them. There may have been errors in the identity checking or additional information that has not been dealt with properly. As the governing body we have a unique responsibility and are not in a position to take risks in this vital area of work.

To help illustrate this, the following outlines how the CRB system works and why we do not allow portability:

Through their employer or another sport, a volunteer applies for a CRB check.

The CRB sends the disclosure certificate back to the individual with a copy to the employer or other sport.

If an enhanced disclosure is requested, the employer or other sport may also receive` an additional report that might contain intelligence information i.e. investigations undertaken etc.

This additional information is NOT made available to the individual nor can it be shared with England Squash.

Because of the last point, the only way in which England Squash can access further information that may be held by the police is to do the check ourselves through our own CRB Unit.

The reason education can share disclosures is because they operate as one body not as separate organisations. Therefore schools would have access to information centrally, at least through a county council.

Governing bodies are separate entities and cannot share information. While I have sympathy, unless we can be sure, we will insist on our own checks.

And to finally make this point, we recently suspended an individual for inappropriate behaviour to a 14 year old boy whose soft information came upon our checks but did not show on the one he had done by a school he coached in and was checked by - and his check from the school was only 6 months old! We just cannot take the risk.

I hope this helps


Adrian Christy
Director of Development & Competitions