League Squash matches.

At the AGM there was a discussion on match night meals and team arrival times. The committee do not want to get involved in any rule making on the subject of meals and feel that that is for the clubs to deal with themselves.

The committee agreed to send out to clubs, informal guidelines to clubs on the subject of match hosting and level of entertainment.

This has been split into 3 sections

Arrival times

Arriving late at matches has a knock on effect to the whole evening.

Clubs book their courts out from their stated match start time to allow enough time to play 5 matches (a league requirement). When teams turn up late and there are games, which overrun the allocated court time, the players get knocked off court and the match is unfinished. This may well result in a dispute and this brings in the question was enough court time booked out. Not all teams have the facility of the bigger clubs to just play through to the finish of a match. Also the higher the standard of play the longer the matches go on, especially in the summer and on well temperatured courts. There is a complaint and the county committee get involved.

We appreciate that some players work a distance from the match venues, but if you are going to be late a phone call would not a go a miss, it is after all only a matter of courtesy.

These problems can easily be remedied - arrive on time! Especially the home team - after all you are the hosts!


The type of meals provided by clubs varies and we do not intend to get involved in the catering arrangements of clubs, or to stipulate what should be offered. Not all clubs have full catering facilities and therefore suppers vary. In some clubs it is the caterers who set the time of the meals, so if you arrive late, you are late for food. It has been known for the match to run too late for a meal to be served.

Some players play their matches then leave straight away, which is discourteous to the home team. There may be valid reasons for this, but if a player is not going to stay at least give the home team notice (at least a days notice and not just at the beginning if the match), so that a meal is not prepared for that player. Other players do not want to, or cannot eat a meal after a game but are prepared to stay to socialise, if you have players like that, please give the home team plenty of warning, so a meal is not wasted. The home team have to pay for these meals.

Players may also have special diets, if any of your team comes under this heading, then speak to the home team captain to see if they can be accommodated. Do not spring it on the clubs at the time of the match.

On the question of drinks offered by the home team, this is a sensitive area. With costs ever rising, a good level of entertainment would be a drink after the game before showering and up to 2 drinks with the meal, but this is not something that the committee can set in stone. It is down to the individual clubs, they can set the limits right at the start of the match - or the contacts can let each other know what their guide lines are.


If you have to concede a walkover please give the home team as much notice as possible, they may be able to save the cost of catering, teams may have to pay for courts which cannot be relet.

When teams are setting the level of match fees they usually budget for a home and an away match against each team, so walkovers can leave a short fall in the kitty. You may well be asked to cover the costs, so a phone call could avoid that.

Before you concede a match just remember if you have 3 players you can still win a match, so turn up for the match, there would only be a 5 point penalty, and you could get that back with the win bonus. All we would suggest is you notify your opposition that only 3 players are turning up and they can adjust the catering and courts (if possible) accordingly and may only have a slight loss on the courts.


As a final thought - Just ask your team how they would feel if a team turned up late and then did not stay for supper, and they were asked to cover all the costs. All because their opponents did not let them know they would be late and would not be eating. Just one phone call could avoid any ill feeling between the two teams.