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Let, Stroke or No Let?

Consideration     Decision Rule
Did interference occur? NO NO LET 12.7.1
Was the interference minimal? YES NO LET 12.7.1
Could the obstructed player have got to the ball and made a good return and was that player making every effort to do so? NO NO LET 12.7.2
Did the obstructed player move past the point of interference and play on? YES NO LET 12.7.3
Did the obstructed player create the interference in moving to the ball? YES NO LET 12.7.4
Did the opponent make every effort to avoid interference? NO STROKE to player 12.8.1
Did the interference prevent the player's reasonable swing? YES STROKE to player 12.8.2
Could the obstructed player have made a winning return? YES STROKE to player 12.8.3
Would the obstructed player have struck the opponent with the ball going directly to the front wall or if going to a side wall would it have been a winning return?  YES STROKE to player 12.8.4