Our Expenses Policy

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RBSRA is very proud of the achievements of county players in the England Squash (‘ES’) Inter County Championships (‘ICC’) and wishes to continue to support our involvement in this tournament. However, we also have a mandate to manage the association's funds responsibly, whilst supporting players within the county at all levels and age groups and this means controlling the extent of our limited budget.


This policy seeks to lay out RBSRA’s approach to reimbursement of expenses incurred by teams playing in the Senior and Masters ICC, when travelling to away fixtures. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact the Treasurer or Chairman before committing to the expenditure.


Who is Entitled to Claim?

Eligible players are those selected for the squad and who travel to the venue. However, unless agreed in advance by either the Treasurer or Chairman, a maximum of 3 cars should travel to away fixtures, meaning a maximum of 3 mileage claims should be made per event. The Team Captain should confirm the driver's details to the Treasurer before any claims are submitted.


Overnight accommodation can also be claimed in certain circumstances – please see the limits below.


How to Claim

After the match, those entitled to claim should submit an expense claim using the RBSRA expense claim form, found here. The form, plus scanned receipts, should be emailed to the Treasurer, copying the team captain, who should approve the claim by email to the Treasurer. Claims for reimbursement should be submitted to the Treasurer within 14 days of the date of the event.


Maximum Level of Claim

  • Mileage - Travelling to away matches will normally be by car and car sharing is expected wherever possible and a minimum number of cars should be used. Indeed, as detailed above, unless agreed in advance by either the Treasurer or Chairman, a maximum of 3 mileage claims should be submitted per event. RBSRA will reimburse mileage at a maximum rate of 30p per mile. In the unlikely event that public transport may be used, the Team Captain should contact the Treasurer or Chairman in advance for approval.
  • Accommodation - If travelling on each day of the event is deemed unreasonable by the Team Captain, an overnight stay (including breakfast) for one night is allowable. Players should share a room wherever possible and a maximum accommodation contribution of £50 per person may be claimed. In addition, if the venue is over 200 miles away, an additional £50 allowance per player can be claimed for accommodation on the Friday night.

ICC Events Played at a Home Venue in Berkshire

The venue should be agreed with the Men’s or Ladies Captain in advance and the costs of courts and food expenses are to be approved by the Treasurer in advance too. In addition, the Team Captain needs to supply balls, as approved by ES, and can claim the costs back from RBSRA if not supplied by ES.