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Karakal British Open Masters Championship 2021

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  • In the over 40s, Tim Burrell won his opening match 3/1, but then lost a close second round match 3/2 against Germany’s number 3-4 seed Julian Wollny. Wollny then went on to make the final, winning his next two matches 3/0 before losing 3/1 to the number 1 seed, so a good performance from Tim.
  • In the over 45s, Hayden Roger-Lund won his first match 3/0, but then lost 3/0 in the second round to Matt Holland, the number 1 seed and tournament winner.
  • The over 55s had a large and strong field, resulting in both David Fan and Michael Wardle losing in the qualifying event.
  • Peter Call lost 3/0 in the first round of the over 60s to Surrey’s 5-8 seed Dermot Hurford, who surpassed his seeding to make the semi-finals.
  • Berkshire had 3 players in the over 65s - John Petruschke, Ripley Oyler and Mick Tidy. Unfortunately, Mick lost 3/1 in the first round. But both John and Rip won their opening matches 3/0. John then narrowly lost to Wiltshire’s 3-4 seed Stuart Hardy in round 2 (who went on to make the final), and Rip also lost a tight 3/2 to Surrey’s number 5-8 seed Peter Culver.
  • In the over 70s, Michael Cann lost his first round match 3/2.
  • Perennial winner Chris Ansell faired better in the men's over 75s, justifying his 3-4 seeding, but lost 3/1 to Adrian Wright, the number 1 seed from Yorkshire.


  • In the over 35s, Sophie Beake was seeded 5-8 and lost a close quarter final match 3/2 to Surrey’s 3-4 seed, Emmeline Gale.
  • In the over 40s, Lissa Muncer also seeded 5-8 lost a one-sided match to 3-4 seed Kate Bradshaw.
  • Number 3-4 seed, Sarah Parr went one step further in the over 50s, losing a really close match 3/2 (11/9 in the 5th) to Nottingham’s number 1 seed Izzy Bramhall. Izzy went on to win the final 3/0, so Sarah could have been very close to becoming a British Open Champion!
  • Berkshire had 2 competitors in the over 55s - Karen Webb and Fiona McLean. Karen was seeded 3-4 and lost 3/0 in the semi final to Avon’s number 1 seed Rose Bamber. However, Fiona went 1 round further, losing to Rose 3/0 in the final.

Hopefully Berkshire players will continue to support these Masters events, with some even getting a call up to play for their country in the near future.

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