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Exhibition Squash at David Lloyd's Royal Berkshire Club 25/09/2021

The main event saw Nick Matthew OBE play an exhibition match against Daryl Selby. Nick is a former world number 1 and has won pretty much everything in the game - 3x World Champion, 3x British Open Champion, 3x Commonwealth Gold medallist and 10x National Champion, plus many more! Daryl is a great player too - a former world top 10, a member of England's 2013 world team champions and also a National Champion in 2011, when he beat Nick 3/2 in the final. On this occasion Daryl also came out on top, again winning 3/2. 


Before this, Nick played George Adamson, Dave Weston and Jack Waldron and Daryl played Mick Tidy, Jeremy Baker and Graham Hooper. Apologies to George and Mick, but I didn't manage to record any of your games and only the final point for Jeremy's match with Daryl! However, please see the videos posted to our Berkshire Squash Community page to see how the others got on and watch the main event.


All the players and supporters enjoyed this as always and a massive thank you goes to Darren Gray for organising this great event. Not only do we get to see some great exhibition squash, but Darren hosted a raffle and food was provided too! These events are great value and thanks should also go to the Royal Berkshire club at David Lloyd for their support. I am looking forward to the next event already...

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